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Day035: Sleeping buddies. #100happydays nakatulog na jd tawn cla gkan graveyard shift nyahahah 😚

Baby Quinn meets Baby Akee 😄

Day032: Our baby girl. ❤❤❤ #100happydays 04.14.14 😊😊😊

bored. 😑

Sa kadtung feel pa kau naku magkeyboard bahalag gahig kamot nyahaha #throwback #frustratedkeyboardist

Caption this.

since uso ang grad pix and tbt karun, chanaaan! sa akung bespren nga ari nuon nikuyog naku imbis adtu xa escort sa ya trato, ayymishu!! hahaha.. hapit na jd dae, makalayug ug hapak2 naka naku balik XD yaw suh karun hahahah..

#tbt #throwback #bestfriend #graduation #timonandpumba #wangkigdays #college

ehem 😏 @_kamotext #2048